Khristopher Aiyeh
The Khristopher Aiyéh Experience:
A Place For People Who Want To Embody Royalty, While Looking And Feeling Like The Kings And Queens They Truly Are.

Image Consulting - Fashion Design - Hair Services - Makeup Artistry.

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Image Consulting

Wedding Stylist Consultation - $100
This service is for my brides or grooms who simply do not know where to begin in choosing the perfect wedding attire for themselves or their bridal party. During this consultation we will go over your wedding theme and see how we can tie your looks into everything like decor.

We will also go over things like:

- Using your outfits to tell a visual story.
- Selecting flattering color combinations.
- Choosing the correct style of outfits for various body types.
- Choosing the best hair or makeup to tie your whole look together.

Makeup Services

Glam Makeup Application - $25
Glam Makeup Application starts at $150 and up.

A non-refundable deposit of $25 will be required in order to reserve a spot in the books.

This is for a full face makeup application. Please keep in mind that this experience typically takes about 90-minutes.

This includes: Foundation, Eyeshadow, Brows, Highlight, Contour, Blush, and Lip.

Hair Services

Unit Maintenace - $25
Unit Maintenance starts at $65 and up.

A non-refundable deposit of $25 will be required in order to secure your spot in the books.

This service includes washing, deep conditioning, and styling unit.
Hair must be dropped off 2 weeks prior to expected due date.

If unit requires additional editing or revamping, there will be an additional charge.
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